Allocation & Unlocking Schedule

The initial distribution of the $LTT token is focused on decentralizing the units to form a large and well-distributed community, for which most of the tokens will be destined for the initial offering of the token in order to democratically distribute the gain in value given the evolution of the project and access to the ecosystem.
$LTT Allocation
Initial offer
1,000,000,000 $LTT
Intended for ICO (70%)
700,000,000 $LTT
Total ICO sale
63,693,864.240864 $LTT
ICO burn
636,306,136 $LTT

Percentages for stake holders based on the amount of tokens sold in the ICO phases:

Dev team (13%): 8,280,202.35131232 Marketing (8%): 5,095,509.13926912 Core team (5%): 3,184,693.2120432 Main investors (2%): 1,273,877.28481728 Air drops (2%): 1,273,877.28481728 Total initial for stake holders: 300,000,000 Final amount destined for stake holders: 19,108,159.2722592 Stake holders burn: 280,891,840.7277408
Dev team
24 months
Core team
24 months
Main investors
18 months

Tokenomics summary:

Max supply: 82,802,023.272259

Estimated initial: 70,063,250.6649504